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This special package combines two of the most important attractions of the Eternal City: The Colosseum and the Vatican
For the first part of the tour, we will unveil to you one of the 7 new wonders of the world, the Colosseum. Recognizable symbol of the power and the dimensions of the old empire; also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, its construction took place between 70 and 80 d. C. and hosted shows of various types. Learn how it was a stage for gladiator fights, public executions, animal hunts and less bloody performances by acrobats and magicians. Your guide will accompany you then to the spectacular Roman Forum, the center of Roman public life, which contained the most important structures of daily life, such as temples, sanctuaries, markets, royal residences and basilicas and visualize ​​how Roman life was and how the current ruins would have appeared thousands of years ago.
Then you will walk to the Palatine, where the Imperial Palace is located: from one side, appreciate the Forum and, from the other, the Circus Maximus, where the chariot races once took place. Listen to the legend of how the hill gave birth to the founders of Rome, Romulus and his brother Remus. Learn then the tragic end of its history and the event that led to the creation of the Eternal City. Knowing the history and legends of ancient Rome and following in the footsteps of the emperors will make this experience an unforgettable cultural trip that you will treasure forever.
Head afterwards to the Vatican Museums: with more than 1,400 galleries are some of the most important and largest museums in the world. They have a great variety of splendid galleries, excellent Roman and Etruscan collections, and much more. This fantastic group tour is designed to be entertaining while you discover the fascinating history and works of art preserved in the Vatican. Explore the highlights of the Museums: the incredible galleries, such as the Candelabra Gallery, where you can admire the rich collection of Roman sculptures, the Tapestry Gallery and the Gallery of Maps, along with many other art treasures, including sculptures, paintings and architecture. Admire the extraordinary Sistine Chapel, the masterpiece of Michelangelo, in its entirety. Access the Basilica of St. Peter’s through a special entrance reserved exclusively for the official guides and their groups.
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